Whether you're nearing retirement or already retired, this site will help guide you through the many aspects of planning and preparation for what will likely be one-third of your lifespan. Thus far you've laid the foundation - created the options - for what you can do with your future. Now it's time to exercise those options and create the future you want.



OK! You’re contemplating retirement, a transition you’ve been anticipating with growing eagerness, imagining extended relaxed trips to balmy places – Maui comes to mind – golfing, playing bridge, exploring new exotic places.  Sounds great!  But have you really talked about it with your spouse/partner?  Are your respective ambitions and expectations for retirement harmonious?  Perhaps not: and, if not, this site will guide you through the dialog, evaluation and decision-making that is critical to this next phase of your life – together. 

“What’s so difficult about retiring?” you might ask; “I can just do the things I’ve always wanted to do – rather than what I’ve had to do!”

Sounds Great!  But have you talked about this – together?  If you have, congratulate yourselves!  You are part of a very small minority of Americans who have had this dialog; most have not.  Are you in agreement about your plans – both individual and joint?  Are they affordable?  Do either of you want - or need - to work part-time, full-time?  If so, will your roles and chores switch - and are you ready for that?  Do you envision downsizing?  Relocating?  If so, where?  When?  Your lives thus far have had structure as a result of family, employment and other commitments.  Our lives need structure, without which we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.  What will provide structure to your lives in retirement?  That’s part of what chapter one is all about – helping you decide on the structure and objectives of this next phase of your lives – individually and together. 

WELCOME To the Rest of Your Life!